Unofficial beginnings

This is the unofficial beginning of the project, and only a handful of people know about what I am doing so far. I invite anybody interested in contributing, to either make comments or suggestions about the direction of the game. I am trying to make this a collaborative effort, so the more minds at work here the better the game will be.

On a side note, I would like to mention that I am aware of a few web sites that are working on open source board games (see links). But for me, this is more of a focus on developing a single board game that leaves plenty of room for adaptation by the players. Games are often quite restrictive, and with good reason. Game makers spend a lot of time making sure the game is balanced. I think that most players can make adjustments to rules, and through trial and error, they will create a game that agrees with their playing style.

I would like to design a board game that is flexible, like any other open source project, but specifically designed to encourage player manipulation of the rules and game play.

I will make as many resources as I can available, in order to give the game some direction, but keeping it flexible will always be important to all aspects of the game. I am completely open to suggestions on the design, and will take your comments into consideration when making updates.

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