Kickstarter coming soon…

Kickstarter campaign coming soon

With the new inclusion of Australia on Kickstarter, I thought it an opportunity not to be missed. I’ll be offering the published game in 3 player, 4 player and 6 players sets, plus some fun extras.

When kickstarter is launched in the very, very near future I will have some limited special editions/pledges – and I want you guys to get them! All I need from you is your email so I can let you know the details and the start date of the campaign.

On top of this I am looking into making some more maps, so I’m going to count votes for requested areas. (The emails I collect will only be used for Kickstarter)

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Map Votes so far:

Location/Country Votes
US 33
Australia 20
Canada 13
Sweden 9
South Africa 3

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